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Marc Bolan(本名Mark Feld)1947年9月30日生 1977年9月16日没。1970年代のグラムロックシーンを代表するアーティスト。 David Bowieらと共にグラムロック・ムーブメントを引き起こした。洗練された音楽・ファッション・詩からは、未だに新たなファンを生み出す神秘的な魅力(永遠のカリスマ)を感じさせる。

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2007年01月25日 | 投稿者 taku : 2007年01月25日 07:42

Born To Rock - The Life and Times of The Electric Guitar


Fresh from it's launch at Galeries Lafayette, in Paris, it moved to playing
to record breaking crowds at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. From
2nd February to 3rd March 2007, London's Harrods store will host the
collection, featuring the world's first electric guitar, plus guitars
customised by the likes of Bono, Philippe Stark, Karl Largerfeld and Bryan

Born To Rock's vast collection of 150 exhibits includes many rare and
extremely valuable guitars, both vintage and modern, and offers visitors a
chance to get up close to guitars normally only seen in the hands of rock

For more information on the guitar exhibition, please follow this link to
our press release:

It would be much appreciated if you could display the above banner, on your
website and hyperlink it to the official Born To Rock site: